Wildlife, ethics and traveling the world

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see!”

This is a list I created to highlight some of the good places, people and organizations all over the world, you can connect with, volunteer with or simply travel to and visit.
If you have any questions or a place you have been to and would like to be added on, feel free to contact me!

Safaris & Lodges:

Safari Frank
If you are interested in small group overland safaris, these two are amazing and give you a fresh view of the wild places.

Follow them on youtube:
Wonderful Wild

Bush Explorations Africa
John Dixon’s passion is the bush. He has over 25 years of experience and can take you to some stunning places in Southern Africa!

Shamwari Game Reserve
We had the luck to stay in the Manor while filming and photographing some of the best sightings I ever had.
Their approach to work with and around wildlife is highly ethical. I can only recommend this reserve.

Follow them on youtube:
Wild Shamwari

Lionsrock Sanctuary & Lodge
Lionsrock has a lodge attached and gives you the opportunity to learn about their work as well as hear all the stories of the rescued animals.

A story of rescue, love and Lionsrock:
Tigers find a new home in South Africa

Quatermain’s Camp
A rustic, clean and absolutely beautiful camp- as it existed in the old days.
Its very small and gives that extra personal touch.
The game drives include the best of both worlds- Shamwari and Amakhala, both rich with wildlife.

Have a look here:
A magical place

rhino africa wildlife

Sabi Sands Game Reserve
One of the most famous reserves with probably some of the best sightings in South Africa.
You would like to see the Big 5 in a day? Ethically?
Then that is the place to be.

Check out these two Lodges:
Elephant Plains Game Lodge
Earth Lodge Sabi Sabi

A typical Day in Sabi Sands:
Game Drive

Sibuya Game Reserve
One of the first reserves that gave me an insight into Anti Poaching.
Not only is it beautiful, but it offers an unique perspective with the river running through it.
Stunning scenery.

Have a look here:
Joining the wild side

Ol Pejeta
This reserve will take you on an unforgettable adventure. It is the sanctuary for the last Northern Wild rhino and does a lot
of awareness work for these giants, it houses a chimp sanctuary, it will give you an insight in its anti poaching efforts and take you on
beautiful game drives.

Check them out here:
Masaai boy & last Rhino
Adventure Vlog: Adventures in Ol Pejeta

Borana Game Lodge
We were guests in Borana Game Reserve during our filming journey and were joining the anti poaching units to document their work.
A stunning lodge and a beautiful reserve with amazing scenery. Black rhino sightings are breathtaking and so are the big herds if buffalo and zebra running on the plains.

Have a look here:
I dreamt of Kenya

Volunteering/ Vacations of a different kind:

Wildlife research
These guys were giving me my first rhino sightings and my first wild lion cub sightings. Days full of adventure and team work.
You will combine the best of both worlds- the ocean and the bush.
And you will learn a lot about the big and the small critters roaming the veld.

Check it out here:
A typical day with the team of wildlife research

Presence Program
You always wanted to do something good while on holiday?
Here is your chance.
Your days are filled with riding and at the same time you are checking fence lines and move into every corner of the reserves.
You ll camp you in the bush. You might even cross into several other reserves on a long trail ride.
You get to check out one of the best community projects in the area and you will enter the world famous Kruger National Park.

See here:
A different kind of horse riding vacation

Daktari Bush school
A lovely project that teaches children from the near by community about respecting others and respecting wildlife.

Check this out:
What is Daktari
A volunteer’s story

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center
Not only do they breed and reintroduce cheetahs ethically but

Check it out here:
Volunteering at HESC

Gorilla Doctors
If you are in Rwanda and decide to go for the unforgettable adventure of gorilla trekking,
do visit the Gorilla Doctors at their headquarters and learn about their amazing work in saving
a species.

Have a look here:
A day with the doctors

Sanctuaries/ South Africa:

Do not touch. Do not feed. Just look.
Best ethical monkey sanctuary in South Africa.
Attached to it are Birds of Eden and Jukani- both ethical places to visit.
The owners met in the bushveld- she was running his lodge.
They fell in love while connecting through their passion for monkeys and eventually ended
up building a safe haven for surplus as well as confiscated pets from all over the world.

Check it our here:
A small tour into monkey land

A beautiful sanctuary in the free state, giving a new home to rescued big cats from all over the world.

Have a look here:

A volunteer’s video of working in an ethical sanctuary- Lionsrock

lion king lion wild africa South Africa

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center
Cheetah breeding and reintroduction program
Safe haven for rhino orphans and other wildlife that cannot be released anymore

Check them out here:
A look at HESC

The Rhino Orphanage
Specialized in rhino orphan rescue and release

Ethical Elephant Encounters:

Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai, Thailand
The gentle and beautiful Lek Chailert is one strong lady. Shunned by her family because of rescuing abused elephants and bringing
light onto their plight, she is the change. She saved over 200 elephants and has been helping former elephant tourism places to be converted into successful sanctuaries.

The Elephant Whisperer:

An insight into a hero’s life

David Sheldrick Trust
Kenyas prime spot to support and help elephant orphans.
Adopt an elephant and visit your little one or simply have a look at how it is done.

An inside look:
A day in the life of a baby elephant

Ethical Dolphin and Whale Watching
Do not touch. Adhere to the rules. Do not chase. Enjoy the sighting! Love Life!

Sperm Whale Expedition
As permits are very regulated, this is a once in a lifetime adventure with someone who knows the Domenica whales
and has a close bond with them.

Check it out here:
Eye to eye with a whale

Dance with whales
You can either book this adventure with everything but the flight included- 6 days in the water with
your favorite whale, guided by professionals.
Do a budget swim with a responsible travel company

Check it our here:
Tonga & the Whales

My favorite project DELPHIS ONLUS
This is where my journey into the world of conservation really started- traveling on the Jean Gab, looking a sperm whale into the eye and see striped dolphins frolicking next to the sailing boat for hours.

Have a look here:
Sperm Whale Breach

Sail the Wild Side
Oahu, Hawaii 🙂
These trips were just amazing. Not only did I see many species, I also got to swim with spinner dolphins, pantropical dolphins and pilot whales.
Its small groups, and ethical guiding with a marine biologist.

Check it out here:
Pilot whales
False Killer whales

dolphin whale swimming conservation hawaii

Whale Watching & Dolphin Swims in Sao Miguel, Azores
Off the coast of Europe, the Azores are a whale watching paradise, offering several species of whales and dolphins, playing in their natural habitat!

Check it out here:
Swim on the wild side

Swimming with dolphins in Pico, Azores

Check it out here:
Underwater adventure

Costa Rica, Drake Bay- Join Divine Dolphin Tours
When we traveled to the amazing Osa Peninsula we did not expect the wild beauty we found there.
One morning we joined Divine Dolphin Tours for a trip onto the ocean. Its well worth it as you are in small groups and you won’t only encounter dolphins and whales, but other ocean life as well.

Check them out here:
The best of Divine Dolphin

Instead of visiting Sea World and Loro Parque, where can you see Orcas and Beluga Whales, wild and free?
Here is a list with links of ethical whale watching companies:

Whale Watching San Juan Islands/ Southern Resident Orcas

San Juan Orcas

Alaska Whale Watching

Belugas & Polar bears

Face to Face with a Beluga Whale