We are helping with buying what is needed, we are going into the field, helping hands on when necessary, we are supporting where we can.
And we are documenting it all, to ensure our sponsors, monthly givers and generous donors see where their money goes to.

help us, help them.

New Projects 2020:

We decided to focus more on anti poaching efforts and selected units and projects in that field all over Africa, after successfully completing other projects over the past couple of years.

Kafue Eco Ventures has been started by our new director Haley Dahl in Zambia.
We aim to build a support program for the community and anti poaching rangers who are protecting one of the last untouched wilderness areas.

Conservation with the help of K9s in Africa
We are aiming to support K9 units on the continent, protecting rhinos and other wildlife with the support of wagging tails, four paws and fat noses.

Completed Projects 2018-2020:

Friends of Wildlife Management
This passionate bunch is not afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to rescuing, saving or relocating wildlife.
They are working on a minuscule budget and can use all the support they can get.
They needed help with even the smallest things:

Rhino masks to reduce stress, fuel to get to places in order to help wildlife, helicopter hours for dehorning measures, uniforms, boots, jackets.
We are happy to have been able to help when help was needed. 


Tracking & Conservation K9 Group
This power couple decided to put their passion- dogs- to work for a good cause.
They breed and train fat noses for tracking, man trailing and sniff work.
Several of their dogs have been highly successful in catching poachers within the Kruger area and even in other African countries.
Bloodhounds are well known for their loving nature- so you can imagine the licks anyone close by will get.
Their excitement when they go to work is contagious and we love being the bad guys, getting sniffed out by them during training sessions.
K9 group will also be featured in the documentary.

Sibuya Rhino Foundation
When Angie came to Africa, Sibuya was the first reserve that opened its door and invited her and her small crew in. She stayed with their unit on and off, filmed and photographed their stunning rhino and got her first glimpse into the sometimes heartbreaking world of anti poaching.
In 2016, their breeding bull Bingo and two females were poached- a shock for everyone whose heart these animals had captured.
Because of the passion these guys have for their animals, Boots on the Ground decided to support them with telling their story in the upcoming documentary.

D O N A T E   N O W
ALL donations will go to the cause YOU are passionate about and want to support.
WE will ensure that you see where your money is going, what your money is buying and WE will create a small video for YOU, introducing the people on the ground you are helping.
IF you are in Africa, come see us and if we can, we will take you to your project!