Photography: The Wild through my lens

“I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like.”

I am a conservationist, photographer, story teller, wife, malinois owner, horse lover, half mermaid & wanderer.
I dreamt of Africa, I dreamt of endless skies and freedom, of lion roars and the song of the wild, I dreamt of camp fire stories, of walking where giants walk, I dreamt of leaving my mark and I picked up my camera to find my destiny.

My passion lies in photographing the amazing men and women who live their life on the edge, patrolling day and night to ensure the safety of our animals.
My heart is in the bush with the rhino and and all the wildlife in need of protection.

And sometimes I wander to the ocean to breathe in salty air, collect sand between my toes, and listen to the music of the whales.
My journey has just begun.
Come and join me.
I am a wanderer who is always seeking interesting stories to tell, stories that will inspire people.

Catch a glimpse of the wild side

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