The uncomfortable truth


The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it!”
-robert swann

Films to watch if you want to find out more about the crises we are facing

There are some amazing films out there, that tell the stories of individual heroes, trying to save and preserve their little piece of wilderness, while facing incredible odds.
Then there are films, that will open your eyes to the beauty of our home and why we should care- and do something, even if we start out with only one thing.

Don’t use plastic- there ARE alternatives.
Eat less meat.
Travel smart.
Support projects close to your heart and help hands on.
Be aware what you buy and where, wether its food, soap or clothes.
Sustainability is the key to all life. 

You will shed a tear, smile, cheer or get angry when you watch these films, but at the end you will have a better understanding of the poaching crises in Africa, the hardship conservationists all over the world face, why we should not “utilize” wildlife, the climate change issues and the importance of intact eco systems.
And you will realize that not all hope is lost, because there are some beautiful individuals out there, fighting the good fight.
And YOU can join them.