“Until you step into the unknown, you don’t know what you are made of.”
-roy t. benett

Adventure. Photography. Storytelling. Non Profit. And 100% bush spirit on the wild side.

I fell in love with the African wilderness, following my passion while working on a documentary, traveling from the South African diversity to the Zimbabwean bush, filming rhino conservation with views of Mount Kenya’s snow capped peak and ending up in the desert, wandering in the footsteps of the legendary desert elephants.

Today I have the opportunity to tell our story- the story of Boots on the Ground.

The focus of this blog is on updates of all non profit news as well as introductions to the people you are supporting, while showing you what your donations are doing and where they are being utilized.

You will also read and see how Boots on the Ground came to be, while we are retracing memories and adventures.
We are giving you an insight into the making of the documentary with all the mishaps and moments that shaped all of us into who we are today.

We would like to inspire you while sharing what we are passionate about- our projects and the wonderful wild out there.

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