Hands on Experiences 

Kafue Eco Ventures
" I hope you have an experience that alters the course of your life, because after Africa, nothing has been the same…"
– suzanne evans


Our mission is to unite everyone who is wanting to make a difference in Africa, in conservation, wildlife, and community endeavours.

We are looking for travelers with a purpose.
We are looking for people who are ready to empower others.
Are you passionate about wildlife?
Do you want to make a difference?
Are you interested in helping local communities?

Then Zambia is the right place for you…

Here are 10 reasons why you should get in the Land Cruiser with us:

1. Make a difference
With supporting our conservation efforts hands on.


2. Become part of the community
Get a rare insight in everyday life of the Kaindu community


3. Become a wildlife warrior
While going on patrol with our Anti Poaching Rangers


4. Be part of a team
Enjoy the team spirit you will have with like minded people of all walks of life


5. Be about everything wild, endless skies and sleeping under the stars

6. Feel your heart beat when standing face to face with our gentle giants

7. Connect
With nature


8. Feel the wild spirit that is Africa

9. Experience
An adventure of a lifetime with every sunrise & sunset


10. Safari
In Swahili the word “Safari” means “Journey”
Join us on a journey under blue skies and bright stars on horseback.
Sit with us around the campfire.
Listen with us to the song of the bushveld.
Learn with us.
Be part of the wild.


What will your adventure look like?

You will have a “Boots on the Ground” experience.

  • Assist ongoing research

  • Fish and bird species identification

  • Monitor animal habitats, behavior and lifecycles

  • Mapping of unexplored land on the conservancy

  • Data collection of flora and fauna

  • Design and build of community projects and infrastructures

  • Shadowing anti poaching scouts, removing snares and offering logistical support

  • Tracking wildlife with Kaindu trackers

  • Delving into community life and learning to cook local Kaindu cuisine

  • Assisting in the kitchen, around the camp and general tasks

  • For the adventurer in you: hiking in the wild unchartered land, discovering mountains, exploring caves

  • Working with the local Kaindu community offering educational wildlife programs

  • Helping find solutions to human-wildlife conflict within the local community

  • Exploring the pristine Kafue river, teaming with croc and hippo, a beautiful hot spring, bird watching and fishing

  • Sleeping out in the wild in fly camps

  • Checking of camera traps

We are barefoot luxury. We are pure African spirit. We are the wild. We are sleeping under the stars.

Due to the pandemic we are still working out affordable packages for the wanderluster and the wilderness lover.
But you are more than welcome to contact us, as we are more than happy to give you any information we already have.

For more information: [email protected]


In collaboration with Kafue Eco Ventures

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